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Price 15995 USD

Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia
online 1 year ago


13 December 2018



15 September 2020, 2:04

Maryland, Burnt Mills Knolls

Price 15995 USD

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ad pisowifi vendo machine



Privat person / Business

Privat person


Promo Price 15,995

Regular Price 18,500

• Plug and Play

• Friendly User

• 150 Meters Range 2.4GHZ

• 50-100 User

• No Sharing Internet

• Paperless

• Sales Inventory

• Bandwidth Limiter

• Auto Recognition of your Device

• 3 Months Warranty

• Free Delivery

• Free Setup

• Free Tutor

• Free Wifi Vendo Tarpaulin

• After Sales

• Add: 2,900 Pesos for Outdoor 500meters Range

• Free 20 Meters Pure Copper Heavy Duty UTP Cable (For Outdoor only)

Gadget can be used:

Tablet, Laptop, Iphone, Andriod Phone

Location: Michael Computer Solution Libertad Ext Hernaez St. Brgy 40 Bacolod City


Ano ang difference ng PISO WIFI sa PISO NET?

1.) Ang PISO WIFI Isang unit lang kayang sabay sabay maka-connect up to 200 connectors/user at the same time mas maraming kita.

Ang PISO NET isang computer isang connector/user

2.) Ang PISO WIFI 5 watts lang ang kuryente,

ang PISO NET mataas ang consume ng kuryente per machine.

3.) Ang PISO WIFI user friendly and hindi na need nga taong magbabantay, kaya less operational expenses.

Ang PISO NET bantayin imanage and time ng nagcconnect at payment.

3.) Ang PISO WIFI mas trending sa tao kasi gusto nila ma-access agad pics nila to be uploaded sa social media.

Ang PISO NET need to use USB port and bluetooth to transfer the pictures. Mas mataas ang risk ma virus ang computer to those instances.

4.) Ang PISO WIFI maliit lang ang iyong investment, maliit operational expenses and less manageable.

Pwede din ilagay as add on sa iyong store service.

Ang PISO NET mahal and units,

mataas ang operational expenses and needs man power.

5.) Ang PISO WIFI outdoor friendly,

ang PISO NET need ng shop to make it secured.

6.) Ang PISO WIFI kayang maka-connect and buong building, buong compound or buong street,

pwede extend.

Ang PISO NET sa shop ka lang makakaconnect.



Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia
online 1 year ago


13 December 2018




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